About Us

3RD SHIFT PRODUCTION, LLC is an entertainment production agency startup created by longtime friends and former high tech engineer colleagues Timiko Rogers and David Winterman.

Back in 1998 while both working as UNIX Systems Administrators in the same company, Timiko and David struck an immediate friendship and found common ground in the art of storytelling and the powerful medium of film.

Since then, Timiko and Dave have remained in contact continuing to write and collaborate on each other's story ideas, working hard at the craft and business of professional screenwriters and filmmakers, winning screenplay competitions, working on independent film productions, and having several of their original feature screenplays optioned by producers.

In early 2015, Timiko and Dave formed 3RD SHIFT PRODUCTION, LLC. The goal of our agency is to harness talented writers and create unique content that will stand on its own in Hollywood, be it film, television series or print media.