What We’re Up To

1) Senior 3RD SHIFT PRODUCTION, LLC. screenwriter DANIEL BECKER and co-founder DAVID WINTERMAN have been working on each other’s projects here and there over the past few months and have planned on a major rewrite collaboration of Dave’s feature screenplay, espionage throwback “STUNNERS” in the near future. The script, originally written in 2007 and twice optioned by producers, will incorporate new elements — and a basic of tying things together suggested by Danny. For this project, Danny has been added a the permanent Second Writer. Both he and Dave are pretty busy at the moment, but have agreed to work on this soon, when our writing slate is cleared, hopefully by 2015 year’s end.

2) DAVID is also working his first TV show teleplay from a comedy monologue routine by an up and coming stand-up comic. This project is being personally supervised and produced by 3RD SHIFT PRODUCTION, LLC. co-founder TIMIKO ROGERS.

3)LEE RUGELY and older brother David Winterman have been in active discussions to adopt into comic book form Dave’s feature Horror script “MAYHEM.” Mayhem is loosely inspired by the classic ‘three wishes’ story “The Monkey’s Paw.” Dave has engaged digital artist LUCYFER VIVIANA to produce the cover artwork when the time comes. The goal here, as is the entire purpose of our site, is to attract attention and producers to turning it into a film.

4)Webmaster PANDITA SEAMAN has been hard at work getting the site and social media up and running; she’s also designing business cards, company email and blog structure for our site. Our fb page is now live and will feature these updates:


5) NINA HANSEN is our associate blogger and social media expert. She and David will be posting updates soon and as frequently as possible.

6) TIMIKO is hard at work on the company details such as banking, and all that legal and tax paperwork stuff we all love to hate.

7) DAVID has just completed the last few creative and cosmetic touches to “NEGATIVE PULSE” — his road-trip-gone-bad, psychological Thriller. Dave plans on getting another company to add a second pair of eyes by writing coverage. And then, ladies and gentlemen, “Negative Pulse” will positively be ready for screenplay competition submission.

(Dave has already listened to and approved a rough edit musical score for the film version, not yet in production. He will reveal the composers/musicians down the road as we get closer to an actual NP filming date.)

8) ALSO — David is working with Pandita to get the site’s content pages ready for launch.



LASTLY — the excellent B-rated, M. Night’s Thriller “DEVIL” is now on Netflix instant streaming. Watch it folks!



— that’s it for now. enjoy the weekend!

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