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David Winterman Rugely - Screen Writer

David Winterman (Rugely) was born as an American citizen abroad, at the height of the global Hippy and Peace movement era in Paris, France, in 1974. His parents traveled as volunteer missionaries throughout North America, to every corner of Europe (north and south), and the tropical, coup-ridden jungles and Strongman states of West Africa.

With dad a singer/songwriter/music producer, and obsessive film fan & Hollywood buff, Dave's creativity and vivid imagination started at an very early age.

Encouraged by both parents' appreciation and enjoyment of classic films, such The Wizard of Oz, and ANYTHING with Fred Astaire, it wasn't long before David fell in-love with cinema.

The moment that 'clicked' for him and he realized that he wanted write and tell his own stories through the fascinating medium of film, was when he first watched Spielberg's visually stunning Sci-Fi epic masterpiece, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" director's cut in full color on VHS tape.

David Winterman Rugely - 3rd Shift Production

David was then forever hooked when as an 8 year old, his dad took him and siblings out to see "E.T.", "...to make sure it was OK for mom to see", he said :-)

That did it!

While (still) working full time as a Information Systems Manager and UNIX Systems Administrator/Linux Programmer for various high tech firms in San Diego, in early 2007 David bought himself "The Screenwriter's Bible" (fourth edition) by David Trottrier, thus launching his writing career, beginning the serious and tough process of learning screenwriting and original story-telling for the Big Screen.

For years David was also an active participant, contributor, and dedicated screenplay/story reviewer as a member of producers Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey's former terrific filmmaking learning/collaborating community website "TriggerStreet" (now their production site).

David Winterman Rugely - 3rd Shift Production

He than began writing feature scripts, learning so much in nearly a decade.

Dave has worked on several independent film productions in Los Angeles, as a Production Assistant on the psychological thriller starring legendary Sir Malcolm McDowell and Indie favorite David Dadtmalchian in "The Employer" (The Employer (2013) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1863203/); and on various projects in New York City.

As David's original feature screenplays started improving over the years with his obsessive, single-minded focus, and daily writing habits, his projects and personal endeavors began gaining traction and excitement:

In 2010 David optioned two of his original feature screenplays to different Hollywood producers:

  • The duo-female assassin throwback espionage action thriller "STUNNERS";
  • and the J-Horror, teenage/Adventure "VAMPBOY" (pitched at the Cannes Film Festival that same year.)
David Winterman Rugely - 3rd Shift Production

David Winterman continues to write unique and original features, as well as write, re-write and script-doctor screenplays on commission for a number of clients -- most recently as early July 2015.

David Winterman's budding reputation as a go-to writer, script rescuer, and deadline achiever is only getting stronger.

Dave is actively working on a long-term, several year's out preproduction on his original favorite feature to date -- the mind-bender, road trip psychological thriller "Negative Pulse."

In early 2015, Dave and his longtime friend, and ex-UNIX Systems Admin colleague, Timiko Rogers started "3RD SHIFT PRODUCTION", a brand new, still in its infancy, start-up Hollywood Entertainment Development agency -- where original stories and innovative content is king -- where we look forward to telling your stories as well as ours.

Screenplay Screenwriting Competition Wins & Awards:

  • Filmmakers International Screenwriter Awards, Quarterfinalist ("Stunners"), 2010
  • Fade In - 6th Annual Writer’s Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition, Quarterfinalist ("Stunners"), 2009
  • Queens Film Festival, Official Selection ("Stunners"), 2009
  • Peachtree Village International Film Festival, Screenplay Competition Finalist ("Stunners"), 2009
  • Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition, Quarterfinalist ("Stunners"), 2009
  • Landlocked Film Festival, Semi-Finalist ("Stunners"), 2009
  • The Indie Gathering Screenplay Competition, 1st place in Feature Scripts - Suspense/Thriller ("Stunners"), 2009
  • American Screenwriters Association (ASA) 12th Annual Screenplay Competition/Gotham Writer's Workshop, Quarterfinalist ("Stunners"), 2009."
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