Timiko Rogers


Timiko Rogers - CO-Founder, CEO

Strategic and creative multidisciplinary project manager. Timiko Rogers is the co-founder of Third Shift Production. Born in Memphis, TN she attended the University of Memphis and majored in Political Science. For almost eight years she worked the third shift as a much abused underappreciated Unix/Linux admin for AutoZone Corp.

It was at AutoZone that she not only met fellow admin David Winterman but discovered a plot to bring about the zombie apocalypse. The two eventually decided to leave the company to build a resistance and created Third Shift Production. In public Third Shift serves as a screenplay development company. Unknown to all but a select few (and anyone reading this) the company also serves as mankinds last line of defense against the emissaries of darkness.

She currently lives in Atlanta, GA and spends her spare time preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

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